Phone Hacking and Toll Fraud in Canberra

Over the past 12 months Sedcom has been actively closing any system vulnerabilities to hackers from mostly African countries. In the past 6 months we have seen an increase in successful and unsuccessful attempts at toll fraud.

How they do it? Hackers will call you business generally after hours when the calls go through to the voicemail system at this point a robot will try to access the mailbox remotely using the default password. If they can gain access to a mailbox they can set it up do dial international numbers that will either forward calls through or call 1900 equivalent overseas numbers that charge you a large connection fee.  

How can you protect yourself from attack?

Make sure all users change their voicemail passwords from the default 1111 to something else. Block international dialling from any extension or user who does not need it and keep the system software up to date.

If you have not had your phone system services in the past 12 months i would recommend you get Sedcom to come out and block any potential remote access for hackers in your system and do a software upgrade at the same time.