VoIP Extreme Saver $29.95/Per Month

VoIP Extreme Saver $29.95/Per Month

engin VoIP Extreme Saver


 Local Calls = Included

 National Calls = Included

 Aus Mobile Calls = Included

 engin to engin = UNLIMITED

 Month to Month Plans

$29.95/per month

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engin Terms and Conditions

All prices quoted above are based on month to month contracts. An active Broadband service is required to connect an engin VoIP service. All calls not listed such as calls to premium numbers and directory assistance are charged in addition to the Monthly Access Fee. Charges to premium numbers are set by the number provider. 13/1300 calls are charged at 35c per call. The 400 minutes of included value on the VoIP Mobile Saver plan are available to Australian mobiles only and calls over the included 400 minutes are charged at 15c per minute. Included mobile calls on the VoIP Extreme Saver are available to Australian mobiles only. International call rates can be found by visiting http://www.engin.com.au/phone/international-rates and may be subject to change without notice. The Total Cost is calculated over 1 month and includes Monthly access Fees only. Timed calls are billed in 60 second increments. Early termination fees apply on 12 month contracts a $50 early termination fee applies. All plans are subject to engin's acceptable use Policy which can be found by visiting http://www.engin.com.au/legal/customer-terms 

For full terms and conditions of individual plans please refer to the engin Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA) which can also be found by visting http://www.engin.com.au/legal/customer-terms 

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