Panasonic Hosted Technology

Panasonic Hosted Technology

The Panasonic NS series VOIP server has built in hosting technology that allows you to connect phones to your system anywhere you have a suitable internet connection.

You don't have to pay a service provider monthly hosting fees, and you can choose your own phone line provider or mix and match for the best price. With the Panasonic NS you get a full range of features (not the cut down set most hosted systems offer). The Panasonic NS series VOIP Server platform gives you features you can use wherever you are.

You can:

  • connect an IP phone or your smart phone to your office from anywhere that has a suitable internet connection.
  • seed new offices by rolling out phones off your main office system with only an internet connection required.
  • access your office phone system and make and take calls from your internal extension number all from your smart phone using a simple SIP App.
  • have a fully featured desk phone at home so you can participate in more office functions like answering incoming calls, calling internally to other staff and making calls from the office number to clients .
  • roll out multiple sites with one system, reducing capital costs and increasing visibility between offices.

This is a true bring your own device solution that can increase the flexibility of your staff at minimal extra cost.

And by the way, we have taken $1000s off clients' phone bills just by adding a second carrier, plus increasing line capacity at the same time!

Make the most of the NBN and mobilise yourself and your staff with the Panasonic NS series VOIP PBX Platform.

It is now possible to connect and talk on a Panasonic extension to your office while flying your paraglider at 3000 feet climbing in a thermal. If I can do that, what can you do with the NS700/1000 to help your business keep in touch with your customers?