MP3000 Message on Hold Unit with USB Key

MP3000 Message on Hold Unit with USB Key

Platinum MP3000 On Hold Player

The Platinum MP-3000 V.2 is the latest technology digital message player available. It incorporates many features required by users within the ON HOLD industry and has been designed with their help to bring the most functional unit to the marketplace. It has a powerful built in amplifier to accommodate a wide variety of telephone systems. The Platinum MP-3000 V.2 will automatically start when a media source is present. It will re start automatically after any power interruption.

The Platinum MP-3000 has minimal power consumption. There are no moving parts that can wear during operation. The volume control is digital and has been placed on top of the unit for easy adjustment and access by the user.

The case has been designed from sturdy moulded plastic to maintain durability. The design of the case is to match with current trends and fives an aesthetically pleasing shape when viewed.

The Platinum MP-3000 V.2 uses commonly available USB keys to store its MP3 based messages. This technology is completely non volatile, meaning your message is not lost in transport or when power is lost. The USB keys can be overwritten indefinitely, without any deterioration in quality. The USB keys can be changed in seconds and will re start as soon as plugged in. No power cycle is required to update the message/advertising on this player. Each Platinum MP-3000 V.2 is supplied with a 128MB USB Key, which provides for up to 256 minutes of advertising at CD quality (128kbps) and will play USB sticks up to the maximum size of 19GB.

The unit has been tested with a wide variety of USB from a wide variety of manufacturers. The USB keys just need to be formatted in MS Windows operating systems. If the media has been used for another purpose such as document or picture storage from a digital camera simply remove the contents and the USB stick is ready to use with the Platinum MP-3000 V.2.

This unit is capable of single track continuous play or multi-track continuous play. You can change the playback mode at any time by using the Loop mode selector button.