DMC5 Message On Hold with Encryption

DMC5 Message On Hold with Encryption
DMC5 incorporates all of the new features of the DMC4 device and in addition utilizes the popular message Encryption facility, which means that it will only play Messages that have been Encrypted with Natcomm's supplied software. It is quick and easy to use!

Natcomm's Encryption facility is designed to prevent unauthorised use of your valuable productions. To use Encryption, all you need to do is to use their supplied Encryption program. This program will Encrypt a typical MP3 file in less than 15 seconds. The DMC5 device will only play these Encrypted MP3 files and these files, if copied they cannot be used in any device other than a Natcomm Encryption play device.

DMC5 is also specifically designed to work with Natcomm's Email Message Update program. This program simplifies the process of transferring Message update files from your PC to the Flash Card and is ideal for those customers that are not PC experts.

Under normal circumstances, the user needs to:

  1. Identify the PC drive letter of the built in or external card programmer
  2. Delete the old message on the Flash card
  3. Manually transfer the new message to the Flash card

The program performs all of these steps automatically, by simply double clicking the attachment in the email. It also encrypts the file at the same time that it saves it to the card.

Model DMC5: Encryption based Message On Hold solution

Click here to download the user guide.